CreditKarma is fine. I'd suggest freetaxusa though, CK tends to get something wrong each year in their software, so I don't think its completely. I repeat do not use Credit Karma. Filed Federal and Colorado returns everything matched my comparison to TurboTax even 24ats.ru download. Hey Reddit family!! Go check your credit karma account my state refund just hit & my ddd was 2/20/24 & fees are coming out my return and I'm. Got drawn in by early DD, advance, etc. Basically because I had to open a money account with Credit Karma, the IRS flagged me for ID. I've used credit karma for 2 years. Both years I received my federal refund within 7 days of the tax filing being accepted. Last year it was 5.

I used TurboTax (who I have used for the past 5-years) and then tried out Credit Karma Tax, and I got the exact same results. The first time I. Movie News & Discussion · Reality TV · Romance Movies & Series · Sci credit karma stating “we've got your tax refund request? and if you. This is absolutely a scam and completely misleading. I don't have any debt the IRS will be keeping my refund for. So idk. Seems fishy to me. I have no idea why Intuit would kill Mint in favor of credit karma. It seems like such a stupid decision when they could've even charged for it. It's useless unless you want an app filled credit card ads and no real information. I'm not from this subreddit. Can someone explain where I. I also called Credit Karma and Turbo Tax to see if they could provide any more information about how long I can expect to wait. This turned out. Credit Karma is a scam. I against my better judgment, applied for a personal loan that they guaranteed. After being denied, I contacted them. Credit Karma absolutely blows. It's useless unless you want an app filled credit card ads and no real information. You can also set it up so that someone has to review every new Also switching from Turbo Tax this year probably going to try. Hello everyone I have a question. This is my first year getting my funds deposited into a credit karma account. From what I read when I got the account its legit straight from credit karma. You got lucky! They had info about it on the app somewhere.

NEVER A MENTION when it took 1 minute during my tax application to offer it to me. If I would have known some banks aren't honored, I would have. CK for our taxes has been % free. It's actually been pretty awesome. Anytime you choose to have the fees taken out of the refund it is never as early if you had paid fees in advance. So not just a credit karma. This CK crap is merely just a ploy to get you to buy Intuit only products: checking accounts, credit cards, and loans, and their god awful. It's a shame. I found Credit Karma Tax to be pretty simple to use for most things. Now my taxes say they were deposited a week ago and you can't get anyone on the phone to tell me why. 2 weeks ago after half a day and multiple. Just finished up my taxes. Would highly recommend. It was super easy despite having retirement, investment, self-employment, and regular income. My experience so far with Credit Karma Tax is mixed at best. My father in law and I have been using TaxAct for years (a quality product). Their. In fact, our state refund won't be hitting credit karma at all. It will be going through our regular bank account. (Without going into details.

OMG yes, I just made a mistake of transferring to Credit Karma, and its absolutely horrible. I would have gladly paid for Mint as well. Have. This is a straight up scam. You can't tell someone they are approved and then after they finished setting up a bank account with you tell them. But mostly because TurboTax lobbies to keep taxes in their archaic current state rather than a simplified free-to-file, government-run method. Consider it dodging a bullet. I was approved and my tax return was accepted after waiting 16 hours I finally received the advance on their. Credit Karma is like a kindergarten version of Mint. I never would have switched if I could have tried it out first. It's not intuitive to use.

Get your tax refund up to 5 days early and track it using Refund Tracker · Low credit score? · Get your paycheck up to 2 days early when you set up direct deposit. Changes to your life—and changes to tax rules—could impact your refund. Answer a few questions to see your estimate so you can start planning around those. Using MyFTB; Our website; Non-confidential tax questions. We cannot help you with your account. Chat now. IRS will accept it the same day TurboTax files it. However, it'll take them some time to process and approve it. I've read that the bank credit.

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